Child Conservatorship Representation

When you are going through a child conservator case, turn to the attorneys at Frizzell & Frizzell, PLLC. We will work with you to defend your visitation and conservatorship rights to spend quality time with your child or children. Legal conservatorship can only be granted by a court order, so it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side to protect your rights.
Child Custody and Visitation — Child Conservatorship in Hendersonville, TN

Joint Managing Conservator

Joint managing conservatorship allows the child to live at one primary residence with the custodial parent. However, both parents will share decision-making rights of the child.

Sole managing conservator

Sole managing conservatorship can be granted to one parent or non-parent guardian. Sole managing conservators have the exclusive right to make the majority of decisions for the child. Sole managing conservators can be appointed if there is an absence of the other parent in the child's life, child abuse or neglect by the other parent, family violence by the other parent, or if there is drug or alcohol abuse by the other parent.

Possessory conservator

A possessory conservator will be appointed if there is one parent who is appointed as the sole managing conservator. The possessory conservator will have parental rights, but they will not have the final say in most decisions regarding the child.

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